Zenfit Transition Meet Kathy Roznicki

Well its been awhile… a long winter with it’s amazing challenges and distractions has kept me from blogging about the things that make Zenfit tick, but now it’s time to get back to work.

March is here and spring is approaching quickly so I thought I would introduce you to Zenfitter Kathy Roznicki and inspire you’re seasonal transition with her story.

Meet Kathy Roznicki

Kathy Before-2

In January 2013, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My doctor indicated it was strictly due to my weight, and if I could lose it he would take me off the medication. With having Diabetes in my family I had to get this weight off for both myself and my family. I started to cut calories and watch what I was eating. I did lose some of the weight but needed more in my routine to help and maintain my progression. In May my sister and niece introduced me to Bart and Zenfit. Zenfit’s living fitness and lifestyle program along with the support of a team like family atmosphere,  I have hit my 1st weight loss goal which was to be in the “non-diabetic zone with my sugar levels and medication free!


I thank them for their support as well as the support from my husband and my family, it made my progress easier. I continue my journey with Bart, Lynn, and the Zenfit team Kim, Laura, Jay and Meghan. I enjoy every workout with them as challenging as they may be. Nothing comes without persistence and consistency.

Thanks everyone,
Kathy R.


As you can see Kathy has shown a determined and solid effort rewarding her with a vital and healthy lifestyle. When you train for the feel of it first the rest will follow.

As a side note to this story, Kathy’s husband Adam started training with us, he has lost weight, gained strength and flexibility, and  improved his recreational hockey experience.. oh and he is off his heart medication. Watch for Adam’s story soon.


Bart Wagar,
President and founder Zenfit Inc.