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Major Atom A Predators Win the Spring Fling

Zenfitter Ethan Kraupa Makes it Count!

There are a lot of reasons why Lynn and I decided to do what we do. When you see people every week at your Group Training sessions progressing and growing stronger you think “wow they are really putting in the work” and you are happy to see the effort and advancement. What really brings it home though, is when you see how their efforts have combined with your own to show results in real life.

Here’s a few Pics of Zenfitter and proud Port Perry Predator Ethan in the “2013 East Gwillimbury Spring Fling”. Ethan plays Major Atom A.  They ended up winning the game 3-1… and the Tournament. Ethan scored two goals in this game.. and the last pic? That’s right, “Game winner”..!

I guess all the agility ladder work, Lunges, squats, and  indirect core work paid off !

Go Predators!




Niki’s Resistance Band Workout

Zenfitter’s love to share:

zenfit_3a As we already know, most of our clients are stoked about sharing their love for the health and wellness lifestyle. Niki has been training with us for over a year and has worked hard at her progression. She has recently passed her Can-fit Pro certification and like all of us at Zenfit likes to see people become the best version of themselves.

This Is Niki’s Resistance Band workout..!


Hi Bart,
Today I switched up my routine and did a workout that required only a resistance band and body weight. I thought I would share it with you as some people don’t have alot of equipment and I thought this sequence would be good for them!  Resistance bands are inexpensive and portable!

 I warmed up by doing my stairs in my house-up & down counting as 1 time for a total of 10 times. I then did interval running on my treadmill for 25 mins-(not everyone could do this if they don’t own a treadmill but it could be modified using something else) I did 10 more times on the stairs then I got into my band workout.


LEGS                               SETS            REPS        
Squat                          3                   12-15
Jump Squat                      As many as you can 
Rest 60 secs after last move   


RB Bent Over Row             3                   12-15        
Plyo Push Up On Knees      As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


RB Overhead Press              3                    12-15 
RB Lateral Raise                  3                    12-15       
Speed Skater                       As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


RB Biceps Curl                     3                    12-15        
RB Overhead extension         3                    12-15
Split Jump Squat                   As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


Crunch                                 3                    20-30
Reverse Crunch                   3                    20-30

All exercises were done with the resistance band except the plyo exercises and abs.
I hope others could benefit from this!

Meet Kim..!

Putting it all together…

 Zenfit_KIM_MSometimes you wonder if you are making the change you want to see in the world. You put your money where your mouth is and you work toward the greater good. This is a letter from one of our Zenfit Tribe members; Kim has been with us from the beginning. She has done the work and its paying off; she’s an amazing inspiration to anyone that enters one of our camps and we wish her continued joy and success throughout her “living fitness” journey.

I just want to say a little “thank you” to both you and Lynn for running such a great program. I love coming to ALL your classes.  In the past I have gotten bored with exercise programs, and usually quit as soon as my “pass” or paid sessions run out.  I feel great, and truly have more energy than I have felt in years. (People actually comment me on that) Not only do you make it fun to be put through the paces, but you make each week different which motivates me to do a little better each time.

Most importantly … I am beginning to see the results! I never realized the potential I had. I owe that to you both!   I never thought in a million years, I would be joining such a thing like “Tough Mudder”!  I welcome the challenge and look forward to keep working with you & being in the best shape of my life in 2013.

Thanks again!


Thank you Kim for the kind words this makes our efforts worthwhile..!

Bart and Lynn.

Zenfit Yoga and Bootcamp Updates


Zenfit Yoga Fitness and GPT Bootcamp

Starting January 7th  through to March 31st we are adding a Saturday morning Yoga Fitness class @ 10.00am come out and share with us a sense of community, have fun challenge yourself and work toward your fitness goals.

Thursdays through to March 29th @ 7pm we will be running our Yoga Fitness class @ Blackstock Community Center. Each class will be a 1 1/2 hr. long dynamic fusion class combining traditional yoga, with strength and core training concepts. Increase flexibility, strengthen, lengthen and tone. Set your own personal intention and take that step toward health and wellness. Come join in the fun..! Just bring your yoga mat, a towel and water..!

Our GPT (Group personal training) Bootcamp runs Mondays through to March 26th. The indoor version of the Zenfit XTR Bootcamp is located @ the Cartwright Public School gym in Blackstock. Enjoy the full bootcamp experience, Challenge yourself and enjoy the results..! Water, towel and a yoga mat are recommended. Indoor shoes with non-marking soles are required.

The “Flex Package” use anytime any class with no expiry is 120.00 for 10 classes. The 1 month unlimited pass expires after 30 days, this works out to 12 classes for $90.00 Plus HST. In February we are offering a couples package for Valentines day $160.00 Plus HST per couple, 10 classes, but you have to come with your Valentine 🙂 . All passes cover any class, Bootcamp or Yoga Fitness. Walk ins are $15.00 plus HST

We accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.

All are welcome so come out and join us..!
For Info Contact Bart Wagar (905)436-5734 or


Pay It Forward

Who Inspires You

Hi Zenfitters:

Just wanted to give some shout-outs to some of the supporters and the people that have been an influence. Thanks to Mike Sandusky for his passion for surfing, without his website at Surf Ontario I would have never known where to even start learning about Stand-up Paddle Boarding in southern Ontario. Lindy Woitte the owner and founder of Eternal Hot Yoga helped me get started on this journey by introducing me to yoga, and the teacher training program at Ahimsa with J.P. Tamblyn-Sabo. To Karsten Jensen you are the guru of body strength training. Also I would like to say to the people I have met training with Zenfit Inc. through the Bootcamps, Yoga, and Fitness training, that your efforts are inspiring and that effort I do not take for granted, it is a pleasure to serve you..!

If you have anyone that has inspired you. Pay it forward. Share the wealth. Someone out there my find their inspiration from a single thought.

Kindest regards,
Bart Wagar.