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Spring Session Updates

Spring Session Updates

We  are coming into a transition period! As the warm weather approaches and we prepare for our spring and summer programs I wanted to confirm the scheduled classes for this transition.

Zenfit’s ZenFlex Session

Held on Saturdays currently at the Blackstock Recreation Center 10:00 a.m start-up. Focuses on functional strength and form using various bodyweight exercises. We also add in some amazing fitness tools to enhance the experience.

Zenfit’s GPT Boot Camp

GPT is (Group Personal Training) Held on Mondays currently at the Cartwright Central public School 6:30 p.m. start-up. This is our full on Boot Camp experience using all the tools available to us. TRX, Lebert Equalizers, Sandbag, Battle rope, Bosu, Vipr, Kettle Bell, Agility Training tools and much more..!

Zenfit’s Power Fusion

Held on Thursdays at the Blackstock Recreation Center 7:00 p.m. start-up. This is our flow class fusing bodyweight and fitball resistance with yoga, PT and tactical fitness movements.

We also have a power walk social on Sundays meeting at the Blackstock Recreation Center or Long Sault Conservation area at 12:00 noon. We do a 5 or 10km walk adding in some lunges, squats, etc. as our inspiration guides us 🙂