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Zenfit Routine of the Day

Group Training ZROD Basic Training 1

Dynamic warm-up: 10-15


Bodyweight squat/lunge set 1 X2

Air squats 20
Anterior walking lunge
Speed Jumps 20

Bodyweight squat/lunge set 2 X2

Airborne jump lunge (20)
Jump squat to burpee (20)
Plyo side lunge with touchdown (20)

Cut to the Core

Quick hands (agility ladder) Single pass
Dirty dogs (10)
Quick hands (agility ladder) Single pass

Finisher: The Gauntlet, 30 sec. max intensity no rest  X5

Bosu Lateral step
KB Cauldron stir
Sit outs
Agility ladder return (lateral step)

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit Tip of the Day:

I am a big fan of the primal lifestyle and it like any other has its challenges. Here are 5 super foods that help with the cravings you may encounter on your journey away from the programmed misery of the modern age. They are: Yams, Avocado, wild Salmon, Beets and Blueberries. Add these foods to your list of superfoods and enjoy..! Note that Yams, Beets, and blueberries, are used occasionally.

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit Tip of the Day 

Anything you do outside brings the elements into play. Wind, hills, and other variables… Plus changing scenary helps keep the boredom out of the workout. It’s no fun just staring at the wall all the time, so get outside, dress for the elements and add a sense of play to your routines. When you do train inside choose a program that varies and stays fresh. This keeps you motivated and progressive.

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit’s Tip of the Day for 11/30/12:

With the cold weather approaching it is important to be prepared for that outdoor hike or training session. Dress to feel slightly cool before you start your activity. Layer clothing to adjust for body heat and tem…
perature changes. Moisture is your enemy. The use of base-layered clothing made from fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away from your skin will keep you dry and warm for the duration of the workout. Added suggestion.. never wash wicking fabrics with fabric softener, it cloggs the fibers and will eventually cause the gear to stink no matter how may times you wash it.Be proactive and prepare to get the most joy out of your winter training and activities.

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit Tip Of the Day

Simplify your shake:

Here is our Zenfit TOD (tip of the day) Do you use protein shakes? Blend greens or Margaritas? 😉 ..But hate cleaning the blender. You’ll love this: simply take a mason jar and load it with your favorite concoction and screw the blender base on it flip it, place it on the blender and PUREE! your drink is ready.. drink it out of the jar.. who needs a Magic Bullit !


Wizzz it up and drink it right out of the jar !