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Zenfit is Moving Forward

We’re Expanding

127It doesn’t look like much now.. BUT in 2 months Zenfit will have a new home. Its offical! We will be having our opening June 1st.

A 2500 square foot air conditioned Group Training/ bootcamp facility. Located beside the arena at Reach Road and Old Scugog in Port Perry. We will serving Durham Region.

We will focus on the body in motion serving all levels of fitness. Kettlebell, TRX, ViPR, Bootcamp, Power Fusion Yoga classes and spin classes. We will also be providing Adventure fitness with our watersports sessions, Stand-up Paddle Boarding sessions, including SUP Yoga. Stay tuned for updates. Follow us on Twitter or Join our Facebook page, please visit our website at www.zenfit.ca

Zenfit Routine of the Day 20


The routine for this evenings Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp sesssion
Group Training ZROD 20

Joint Mobility: 5 min.
Dynamic warm up: 10 min.
Work/Rest 45/15 X4

Med ball squats / with box hand print
Ugi Knee slams 

ViPR Skaters
Spartan push up
Tri-pod overhead extension
Swing Plank / with full bear squat
Agility run
Agility ladder / lateral foot print
Battle rope / Hammer hand print / with lateral shuffle
Resisted sprints
Team sprint shuttle


Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp at Scugog Christian School

Hey Zenfitters’:

Join us this evening for a mid March Holiday fitness break with our group training bootcamp..!

Zenfit_bootcamp_1aIn our Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp we use dynamic, progressive, modern methods. We use tactical bodyweight movements, focusing on core. Fitness tools we may use are ViPR, Grid, TRX, Kettle Bell, Bosu, Gliding, Battle Rope, Sandbag, Stability ball, Med. ball, Ugi, and a host of other fun and innovative concepts in fitness training. We constantly change the format to keep things interesting, and its design lets you work at your own level progressing at a pace that is comfortable and mindful. This bootcamp is great for all fitness levels

Follow the link for more details and location!

Monday’s Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp


Hey Zenfitters’ :

Hope you are all having an amazing March Break!

Just a reminder that due to the holiday the Cartwright Central Public School is unavailable for our Monday Group Training bootcamp. We will be using the Blackstock Recreation Centre for this session. Follow the link for details, time and location.

To your health and wellness!
Bart Wagar

Zenfit Group Training Bootcamp-Saturday

Dalton_R_1Do you want to seize the day and perform at your highest level? Join us for our Basic Group Training Bootcamp, and get started! Check our weekly bootcamp schedule for details and options.

Don’t let the name fool you, this bootcamp will  be a challenge. Using bodyweight resisted movements such as push ups, lunges, squats, direct and indirect core work we focus on form, range of motion, strength and endurance. We will use some equipment relating to the structure of the class such as Smart Toners, Fitballs, skipping ropes etc.. There will be agililty and HIIT challenges to get the heart pumping and turn you into a calorie burning machine.

Niki’s Resistance Band Workout

Zenfitter’s love to share:

zenfit_3a As we already know, most of our clients are stoked about sharing their love for the health and wellness lifestyle. Niki has been training with us for over a year and has worked hard at her progression. She has recently passed her Can-fit Pro certification and like all of us at Zenfit likes to see people become the best version of themselves.

This Is Niki’s Resistance Band workout..!


Hi Bart,
Today I switched up my routine and did a workout that required only a resistance band and body weight. I thought I would share it with you as some people don’t have alot of equipment and I thought this sequence would be good for them!  Resistance bands are inexpensive and portable!

 I warmed up by doing my stairs in my house-up & down counting as 1 time for a total of 10 times. I then did interval running on my treadmill for 25 mins-(not everyone could do this if they don’t own a treadmill but it could be modified using something else) I did 10 more times on the stairs then I got into my band workout.


LEGS                               SETS            REPS        
Squat                          3                   12-15
Jump Squat                      As many as you can 
Rest 60 secs after last move   


RB Bent Over Row             3                   12-15        
Plyo Push Up On Knees      As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


RB Overhead Press              3                    12-15 
RB Lateral Raise                  3                    12-15       
Speed Skater                       As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


RB Biceps Curl                     3                    12-15        
RB Overhead extension         3                    12-15
Split Jump Squat                   As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


Crunch                                 3                    20-30
Reverse Crunch                   3                    20-30

All exercises were done with the resistance band except the plyo exercises and abs.
I hope others could benefit from this!

Crazy Week

Time to Refocus

With all the Halloween festivities going on our weekly schedule took a hit. Not to worry lets refocus and be consistantly persistant. Finish the week with our Saturday Basic Training session guaranteed to challenge and make you feel great after Thursday’s sugar binge 😉

Do you beat your self up when you feel that you have slipped with your eating program..? Check out this link from Mark’s Daily Apple and feel better about your ups and downs!

Its all part of the journey,
Live life, be grateful for the things that challenge you.. Bart

Spring Session Updates

Spring Session Updates

We  are coming into a transition period! As the warm weather approaches and we prepare for our spring and summer programs I wanted to confirm the scheduled classes for this transition.

Zenfit’s ZenFlex Session

Held on Saturdays currently at the Blackstock Recreation Center 10:00 a.m start-up. Focuses on functional strength and form using various bodyweight exercises. We also add in some amazing fitness tools to enhance the experience.

Zenfit’s GPT Boot Camp

GPT is (Group Personal Training) Held on Mondays currently at the Cartwright Central public School 6:30 p.m. start-up. This is our full on Boot Camp experience using all the tools available to us. TRX, Lebert Equalizers, Sandbag, Battle rope, Bosu, Vipr, Kettle Bell, Agility Training tools and much more..!

Zenfit’s Power Fusion

Held on Thursdays at the Blackstock Recreation Center 7:00 p.m. start-up. This is our flow class fusing bodyweight and fitball resistance with yoga, PT and tactical fitness movements.

We also have a power walk social on Sundays meeting at the Blackstock Recreation Center or Long Sault Conservation area at 12:00 noon. We do a 5 or 10km walk adding in some lunges, squats, etc. as our inspiration guides us 🙂