Own Your Program

Own your fitness program:

Have you been following a fitness program? Are you thinking of beginning one? The first question you should answer is why.. Grab a piece of paper and randomly write out every reason you can think of for five minutes.. Now categorize these reasons. This is your first step to identifying your focus. Is it health and wellness? do you just want to look good? Is it for sport?

Once you have identified the reasons you can now select the action. Whatever it is, do your homework. Take on a training program that is sustainable. Not one that will leave you injured or in rehab more often than you are on the floor of the training room or enjoying your activities. If your coach has you doing things that you feel have no purpose in your active life ask WHY!

Remember you own your program and it should enhance your life not endanger it… Sure bones, muscle, and connective tissue heal but weigh the “opportunity loss” when it comes to living. Down time sets you back. Take your ego out of the game and stop doing “crazy shit” to prove a point to yourself, and especially others. Train safe .. enjoy life.


Bart Wagar.

You can email me at bartwagar@zenfit.ca for Q&A’s .. If I don’t know the answer I will find it for you.

Baby Steps to Vitality

Baby Steps to Vitality

So our resolutions have come and gone and we find ourselves still searching for the magic bean that helps us live a vital healthy life. We started out with good intentions but scheduling, family, other distractions pulled our focus away from a revitalized existence. Now I could guide you, eat this, shake that, lift this and push that, or sell you on a potion that will flush your wallet and eventually your self-esteem, but I won’t. What I will tell you is to keep your health and fitness goals simple and realistic.

In our fast paced lives we tend to expect immediate results in an unrealistic time frame. This can lead to unhealthy choices in diet and exercise practices. If you have been inactive for a time, start slowly and work just outside your comfort zone, the daily walk is a great start. Walk at a pace that makes it challenging to hold an extended conversation. Build endurance and strength in a way that is gradual and sustainable, being too sore or sustaining an injury is not part of the plan. When it comes to training let go of your ego and look to long term sustainable action.

In regard to nutrition simplicity is important here as well. Hydration is extremely beneficial when it comes to cleansing the body, we don’t need the multi-level marketing potions being hocked by pseudo health and wellness entrepreneurs. The body has kidneys, and a liver, water will do just fine. Try to take .55 ounces of water per pound of body weight per day. Choose foods that are as close to the earth as possible. We should eat some form of protein at every meal and add healthy fats such as avocado, to our daily routine. Eat vegetables that grow above the ground frequently and vegetables that grow below the ground occasionally. Limit the intake of pasta’s and grains and eliminate sugar and sweeteners.

Ouch! I heard someone gasp!

To some even these simple suggestions may seem extreme; this is due to our programming but through my own experience I have found that these are sustainable steps toward  effective results. At this time of year we are lucky to live in southern Ontario. We have quality; locally grown food in abundance, there is no excuse to be eating any convenience foods. Good nutrition just takes planning, and organizing meals ahead of time will help balance our nutritional needs, giving us the energy to move. We have so many amazing trails and conservation areas locally that it makes it easy for us to find a place to be active. Try to cover these three forms of activity our hunter-gatherer ancestors did to survive, move slowly, lift heavy things and sprint. If you find limitations hold you back, listen to your body and do what you can, remember the ego? There is never failure only feedback. In a living fitness lifestyle we should aim to be persistent, consistent and determined. Breathe, eat clean, move, and smile!

Live healthy, live strong,
Bart Wagar


We’re OPEN..!


Ok Zenfitters bear with me this week, We are open with a full schedule and I will be stretched to the limit  and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We are also welcoming 2 interns into the Zenfit fold. Tribe members, Kim McFadden, and Niki Seguin will be joining the team. They will be learning our Cross Training system and promoting our living fitness philosophy. Look for Meg Slute to be taking on some admin duties with Lynn Wagar.. As they work toward there own training goals. Jay Price will be contributing to our Elite Tactical fitness program as well.

Are you a trainer or know one that is looking for an opportunity to serve a community. Contact by email: bartwagar@zenfit.ca

At Zenfit we don’t jump on the band wagon we drive it..!

Check out our June Grand opening specials, follow the link in the Schedule tab to the Online Store and Scheduler. The Class schedule is under the ZENFIT CLASSES tab, Pricing is in the ONLINE STORE. Be sure to look under Contracts for the best Cross Training full access deal.

Major Atom A Predators Win the Spring Fling

Zenfitter Ethan Kraupa Makes it Count!

There are a lot of reasons why Lynn and I decided to do what we do. When you see people every week at your Group Training sessions progressing and growing stronger you think “wow they are really putting in the work” and you are happy to see the effort and advancement. What really brings it home though, is when you see how their efforts have combined with your own to show results in real life.

Here’s a few Pics of Zenfitter and proud Port Perry Predator Ethan in the “2013 East Gwillimbury Spring Fling”. Ethan plays Major Atom A.  They ended up winning the game 3-1… and the Tournament. Ethan scored two goals in this game.. and the last pic? That’s right, “Game winner”..!

I guess all the agility ladder work, Lunges, squats, and  indirect core work paid off !

Go Predators!




Zenfit This Week


What a week we had at Zenfit working toward our expansion! We welcomed Deb and Mandy out for their first sessions with us. We worked through the controlled frenzy that goes along with expanding our business as the tail was wagging the dog.. “so to speak”.

This week our Group Training sessions and Yoga fitness sessions are following the regular schedule. You can check out the website for details.

Watch for our June 1st Grand Opening specials, Items of interest will be our VIP Membership, and our Student Summer Training special. We know how tough it is when you come home for the summer after a tough College or University schedule, you want to save money, keep up with your training and have fun.. We have the answer for you.. so stay tuned!

If you would like to be on our mailing list email us at info@zenfit.ca and we can keep you informed..!

Tonight’s session is at Cartwright Central Public School starting at 6:30 PM.. Come check us out! Your first class is always free 🙂

Zenfit is Moving Forward

We’re Expanding

127It doesn’t look like much now.. BUT in 2 months Zenfit will have a new home. Its offical! We will be having our opening June 1st.

A 2500 square foot air conditioned Group Training/ bootcamp facility. Located beside the arena at Reach Road and Old Scugog in Port Perry. We will serving Durham Region.

We will focus on the body in motion serving all levels of fitness. Kettlebell, TRX, ViPR, Bootcamp, Power Fusion Yoga classes and spin classes. We will also be providing Adventure fitness with our watersports sessions, Stand-up Paddle Boarding sessions, including SUP Yoga. Stay tuned for updates. Follow us on Twitter or Join our Facebook page, please visit our website at www.zenfit.ca

Zenfit Routine of the Day 20


The routine for this evenings Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp sesssion
Group Training ZROD 20

Joint Mobility: 5 min.
Dynamic warm up: 10 min.
Work/Rest 45/15 X4

Med ball squats / with box hand print
Ugi Knee slams 

ViPR Skaters
Spartan push up
Tri-pod overhead extension
Swing Plank / with full bear squat
Agility run
Agility ladder / lateral foot print
Battle rope / Hammer hand print / with lateral shuffle
Resisted sprints
Team sprint shuttle


Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp at Scugog Christian School

Hey Zenfitters’:

Join us this evening for a mid March Holiday fitness break with our group training bootcamp..!

Zenfit_bootcamp_1aIn our Zenfit Warrior Bootcamp we use dynamic, progressive, modern methods. We use tactical bodyweight movements, focusing on core. Fitness tools we may use are ViPR, Grid, TRX, Kettle Bell, Bosu, Gliding, Battle Rope, Sandbag, Stability ball, Med. ball, Ugi, and a host of other fun and innovative concepts in fitness training. We constantly change the format to keep things interesting, and its design lets you work at your own level progressing at a pace that is comfortable and mindful. This bootcamp is great for all fitness levels

Follow the link for more details and location!

Fitness and Athletic Training, where mind meets muscle, Port Perry Ontario