Movement is life

Celebrate movement every day of your life:

You’ve heard the old adage “move it or lose it”, never in our history has this been more true. In this day and age of video games, convenience products and an entitled mindset we have lost our ability to perform basic movements. Our basic primal movements, bending, squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, rotary, and gait have become secondary to sitting, lying, and leisurely strolls in the park. There was a time when we needed these movements to survive, now we just need a phone, a debit card, and a reason to use them.

People who have a job that includes primal movements are the lucky ones. Even these jobs are becoming easier with the onset of robotics and technological advancements in mass production and construction. The unlucky ones are chained to a desk and/or immobilized by their work environment. This is why it is so important to include primal movements in your everyday life. Its a choice that has to be made. The couch or movement. We need to choose forms of recreation that include movement, training mind and body to communicate. If you cannot move well, pain free, and confidently, you will not be able to play. Focus on recreating a body that is strong, mobile, and stable. It is never to late to enhance and create movement skills.

When re:energizing your life choose a program that will work on an energetic approach, by combining movement with stability and strength. I recommend a program that works a 3 dimensional form of training, after all we truly live life on our feet, performing movements on our backs or in a machine provide little if no benefit to real life challenges. You need your body to be stable and strong through all planes of motion, this will not happen if you are working out in a machine that provides stability. Choose primal movements that challenge your stability and use proper joint function to enhance your movement skills. Joint mobility is a major concern in this day and age because of our use of chairs and other means of body support.

Our joints breakdown into a series of specific functions. Our ankles are a mobility joint, our knees a stability joint, our hips “should” provide mobility, our lumbar spine stability, thoracic spine mobility, the scapula provide stability and the gleno-humeral mobility. It is important to know these joint functions when listening to your body during movements. For example you’ve just worked out and you feel some lower back pain. This may be an overuse or a new use issue, but it can also mean your hips or thoracic spine may not be as mobile as they should be, creating a need for the lumbar spine to mobilize creating pain. Therefore when starting ¬†a program it is always important to be checked out for joint dysfunction before you suffer opportunity loss due to excessive body pain or injury. Remember to play, you need to be pain free. A joint by joint approach to programming may be beneficial to anyone starting a movement based program. Joint mobility exercises should be part of anyone’s daily routine.

In closing I would like to say that if you are looking to re:energize your life and regain your vitality, choose a program that focuses on primal movement, joint mobility, and functional strength. If you train for the feel of it first the aesthetic’s you desire will follow. Be patient, persistent and confident.

Bart_Mudder_2aRemember .. Purpose not Circus!

Bart Wagar..  Visionary and President of Zenfit Inc.