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Zenfit Kettlebell TRX Fusion Sessions

Zenfit Kettlebell TRX Fusion Session: 8 weeks

IMG_1173bStarting on February 5th at 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM at the Scugog Christian School, we will be running an 8 week TRX, Kettlebell Fusion Course. Train with and learn about two of the most versatile pieces of equipment available. More details to follow. There will be only 12 spaces available for each class, so book early.. make a committment to a fitter stronger you for 2013..!
Email me to set an intention.
Registration will be held at the Scugog Christian School on January 30th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Don’t think. DO!

Is “thinking” distracting you from achieving your goals

 I’m going to hit you with a couple of thoughts today .. about not thinking .. huh!

First a quote, from Michael Phelps.. “We all love to win, but how many love to train” and a second quote from Gurdjieff the Armenian mystic, “Don’t think of results, just do” I think Yoda may have studied his works..

The point for me is this.. The act of “thinking” about the items on our wish list distracts us from the path we need to follow to achieve our chosen end result. So chose the path, then focus only on the training necessary to get there. Train persistently, don’t sweat the small stuff.. the only thing you need to monitor each day is, did you take action today or not.. Did you eat right? Did you train right? If not, do it NOW don’t procrastinate.

Life will often divert you from what you consider to be ideal circumstances. This is to be expected, just make smart adjustments and enjoy the journey, success will follow!

Live healthy, live strong!

Zenfit Routine of the Day

Group Training ZROD Basic Training 1

Dynamic warm-up: 10-15


Bodyweight squat/lunge set 1 X2

Air squats 20
Anterior walking lunge
Speed Jumps 20

Bodyweight squat/lunge set 2 X2

Airborne jump lunge (20)
Jump squat to burpee (20)
Plyo side lunge with touchdown (20)

Cut to the Core

Quick hands (agility ladder) Single pass
Dirty dogs (10)
Quick hands (agility ladder) Single pass

Finisher: The Gauntlet, 30 sec. max intensity no rest  X5

Bosu Lateral step
KB Cauldron stir
Sit outs
Agility ladder return (lateral step)

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit Tip of the Day 

Anything you do outside brings the elements into play. Wind, hills, and other variables… Plus changing scenary helps keep the boredom out of the workout. It’s no fun just staring at the wall all the time, so get outside, dress for the elements and add a sense of play to your routines. When you do train inside choose a program that varies and stays fresh. This keeps you motivated and progressive.

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit’s Tip of the Day 04/12/12:

When working to increase lung capacity and overall respiratory and cardiac health choose short burst challenges like sprints to create an adaptive response. When you achieve oxygen debt you are asking your body to change and in response it does. Things to look for when doing a short burst challenge correctly. Do you feel winded after each exertion period? Are you Panting? Do you feel like you have pushed yourself? If you respond with a yes you are headed in the right direction.

Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit’s Tip of the Day for 11/30/12:

With the cold weather approaching it is important to be prepared for that outdoor hike or training session. Dress to feel slightly cool before you start your activity. Layer clothing to adjust for body heat and tem…
perature changes. Moisture is your enemy. The use of base-layered clothing made from fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away from your skin will keep you dry and warm for the duration of the workout. Added suggestion.. never wash wicking fabrics with fabric softener, it cloggs the fibers and will eventually cause the gear to stink no matter how may times you wash it.Be proactive and prepare to get the most joy out of your winter training and activities.

Crazy Week

Time to Refocus

With all the Halloween festivities going on our weekly schedule took a hit. Not to worry lets refocus and be consistantly persistant. Finish the week with our Saturday Basic Training session guaranteed to challenge and make you feel great after Thursday’s sugar binge 😉

Do you beat your self up when you feel that you have slipped with your eating program..? Check out this link from Mark’s Daily Apple and feel better about your ups and downs!

Its all part of the journey,
Live life, be grateful for the things that challenge you.. Bart

Motocross 2012! Are You Ready!

 Motocross 2012 Are You Ready!  


Times have changed and so has the training. The 2012 Motocross season is approaching quickly. Gain an edge on the competition using our sport specific custom conditioning programs. Target your personal fitness needs. We use dynamic, progressive, modern methods, including TRX, Bosu, Kettle Bell, Gliding, Battle Rope, Sandbag, Stability ball, Med. ball, Equalizers and many other strength and agility elements to create a winning formula. Be proactive and be prepared for your pre-season practice sessions. Compliment your schedule of races and practices with fitness training. See a huge improvement in speed, quickness, strength and movement skills. We provide totally mobile services, personal and small group training to meet your needs!

We accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.

For Info Contact Bart Wagar (905)436-5734 or