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Don’t think. DO!

Is “thinking” distracting you from achieving your goals

 I’m going to hit you with a couple of thoughts today .. about not thinking .. huh!

First a quote, from Michael Phelps.. “We all love to win, but how many love to train” and a second quote from Gurdjieff the Armenian mystic, “Don’t think of results, just do” I think Yoda may have studied his works..

The point for me is this.. The act of “thinking” about the items on our wish list distracts us from the path we need to follow to achieve our chosen end result. So chose the path, then focus only on the training necessary to get there. Train persistently, don’t sweat the small stuff.. the only thing you need to monitor each day is, did you take action today or not.. Did you eat right? Did you train right? If not, do it NOW don’t procrastinate.

Life will often divert you from what you consider to be ideal circumstances. This is to be expected, just make smart adjustments and enjoy the journey, success will follow!

Live healthy, live strong!