Baby Steps to Vitality

Baby Steps to Vitality

So our resolutions have come and gone and we find ourselves still searching for the magic bean that helps us live a vital healthy life. We started out with good intentions but scheduling, family, other distractions pulled our focus away from a revitalized existence. Now I could guide you, eat this, shake that, lift this and push that, or sell you on a potion that will flush your wallet and eventually your self-esteem, but I won’t. What I will tell you is to keep your health and fitness goals simple and realistic.

In our fast paced lives we tend to expect immediate results in an unrealistic time frame. This can lead to unhealthy choices in diet and exercise practices. If you have been inactive for a time, start slowly and work just outside your comfort zone, the daily walk is a great start. Walk at a pace that makes it challenging to hold an extended conversation. Build endurance and strength in a way that is gradual and sustainable, being too sore or sustaining an injury is not part of the plan. When it comes to training let go of your ego and look to long term sustainable action.

In regard to nutrition simplicity is important here as well. Hydration is extremely beneficial when it comes to cleansing the body, we don’t need the multi-level marketing potions being hocked by pseudo health and wellness entrepreneurs. The body has kidneys, and a liver, water will do just fine. Try to take .55 ounces of water per pound of body weight per day. Choose foods that are as close to the earth as possible. We should eat some form of protein at every meal and add healthy fats such as avocado, to our daily routine. Eat vegetables that grow above the ground frequently and vegetables that grow below the ground occasionally. Limit the intake of pasta’s and grains and eliminate sugar and sweeteners.

Ouch! I heard someone gasp!

To some even these simple suggestions may seem extreme; this is due to our programming but through my own experience I have found that these are sustainable steps toward  effective results. At this time of year we are lucky to live in southern Ontario. We have quality; locally grown food in abundance, there is no excuse to be eating any convenience foods. Good nutrition just takes planning, and organizing meals ahead of time will help balance our nutritional needs, giving us the energy to move. We have so many amazing trails and conservation areas locally that it makes it easy for us to find a place to be active. Try to cover these three forms of activity our hunter-gatherer ancestors did to survive, move slowly, lift heavy things and sprint. If you find limitations hold you back, listen to your body and do what you can, remember the ego? There is never failure only feedback. In a living fitness lifestyle we should aim to be persistent, consistent and determined. Breathe, eat clean, move, and smile!

Live healthy, live strong,
Bart Wagar