Niki’s Resistance Band Workout

Zenfitter’s love to share:

zenfit_3a As we already know, most of our clients are stoked about sharing their love for the health and wellness lifestyle. Niki has been training with us for over a year and has worked hard at her progression. She has recently passed her Can-fit Pro certification and like all of us at Zenfit likes to see people become the best version of themselves.

This Is Niki’s Resistance Band workout..!


Hi Bart,
Today I switched up my routine and did a workout that required only a resistance band and body weight. I thought I would share it with you as some people don’t have alot of equipment and I thought this sequence would be good for them!  Resistance bands are inexpensive and portable!

 I warmed up by doing my stairs in my house-up & down counting as 1 time for a total of 10 times. I then did interval running on my treadmill for 25 mins-(not everyone could do this if they don’t own a treadmill but it could be modified using something else) I did 10 more times on the stairs then I got into my band workout.


LEGS                               SETS            REPS        
Squat                          3                   12-15
Jump Squat                      As many as you can 
Rest 60 secs after last move   


RB Bent Over Row             3                   12-15        
Plyo Push Up On Knees      As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


RB Overhead Press              3                    12-15 
RB Lateral Raise                  3                    12-15       
Speed Skater                       As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


RB Biceps Curl                     3                    12-15        
RB Overhead extension         3                    12-15
Split Jump Squat                   As many as you can
Rest 60 secs after last move 


Crunch                                 3                    20-30
Reverse Crunch                   3                    20-30

All exercises were done with the resistance band except the plyo exercises and abs.
I hope others could benefit from this!

Zenfit Kettlebell TRX Fusion Sessions

Zenfit Kettlebell TRX Fusion Session: 8 weeks

IMG_1173bStarting on February 5th at 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM at the Scugog Christian School, we will be running an 8 week TRX, Kettlebell Fusion Course. Train with and learn about two of the most versatile pieces of equipment available. More details to follow. There will be only 12 spaces available for each class, so book early.. make a committment to a fitter stronger you for 2013..!
Email me to set an intention.
Registration will be held at the Scugog Christian School on January 30th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Meet Kim..!

Putting it all together…

 Zenfit_KIM_MSometimes you wonder if you are making the change you want to see in the world. You put your money where your mouth is and you work toward the greater good. This is a letter from one of our Zenfit Tribe members; Kim has been with us from the beginning. She has done the work and its paying off; she’s an amazing inspiration to anyone that enters one of our camps and we wish her continued joy and success throughout her “living fitness” journey.

I just want to say a little “thank you” to both you and Lynn for running such a great program. I love coming to ALL your classes.  In the past I have gotten bored with exercise programs, and usually quit as soon as my “pass” or paid sessions run out.  I feel great, and truly have more energy than I have felt in years. (People actually comment me on that) Not only do you make it fun to be put through the paces, but you make each week different which motivates me to do a little better each time.

Most importantly … I am beginning to see the results! I never realized the potential I had. I owe that to you both!   I never thought in a million years, I would be joining such a thing like “Tough Mudder”!  I welcome the challenge and look forward to keep working with you & being in the best shape of my life in 2013.

Thanks again!


Thank you Kim for the kind words this makes our efforts worthwhile..!

Bart and Lynn.

Don’t think. DO!

Is “thinking” distracting you from achieving your goals

 I’m going to hit you with a couple of thoughts today .. about not thinking .. huh!

First a quote, from Michael Phelps.. “We all love to win, but how many love to train” and a second quote from Gurdjieff the Armenian mystic, “Don’t think of results, just do” I think Yoda may have studied his works..

The point for me is this.. The act of “thinking” about the items on our wish list distracts us from the path we need to follow to achieve our chosen end result. So chose the path, then focus only on the training necessary to get there. Train persistently, don’t sweat the small stuff.. the only thing you need to monitor each day is, did you take action today or not.. Did you eat right? Did you train right? If not, do it NOW don’t procrastinate.

Life will often divert you from what you consider to be ideal circumstances. This is to be expected, just make smart adjustments and enjoy the journey, success will follow!

Live healthy, live strong!

Zenfit Routine of the Day

Group Training ZROD Basic Training 1

Dynamic warm-up: 10-15


Bodyweight squat/lunge set 1 X2

Air squats 20
Anterior walking lunge
Speed Jumps 20

Bodyweight squat/lunge set 2 X2

Airborne jump lunge (20)
Jump squat to burpee (20)
Plyo side lunge with touchdown (20)

Cut to the Core

Quick hands (agility ladder) Single pass
Dirty dogs (10)
Quick hands (agility ladder) Single pass

Finisher: The Gauntlet, 30 sec. max intensity no rest  X5

Bosu Lateral step
KB Cauldron stir
Sit outs
Agility ladder return (lateral step)

Primal Burger

Rethink Cheat Day: Zenfit Primal Burger

Done with grains? Outlawed sugar? Awesome..! Hear is a great burger ..!


Sometimes you just have to have a burger..!

Here is what you will need:

1 IB of pasture feed lean ground beef, we get ours at, Gallery on the Farm
season the beef however you like, use your imagination and have fun with it.. but remember you’re primal now. You can make your patties and grill them or sizzle em’ up on the flat top.. your choice..!
Cheese (optional) Raw organic cheddar, we recommend, Organic Valley and any other toppings you like.

The Buns

4 cups of grated Yam any color
3 Cups of organic non-radiated spinach
3 Free range eggs
1/2 Cup of almond meal grind your own in a food processor

Peel and grate the yam into a big bowl. In the food processor add the spinach, 3 eggs and the ground almonds (you can also use pine nuts) and whizz it up into a batter, add it to the yam and mix well. Make balls .. about the size of a lacrosse ball (what did you expect I’m a sports guy). Line a baking tray with parchment paper and place the balls on the tray press them down into even 4 inch discs. Bake at 325 for 8-10 mins and flip continue to bake another 8 mins watch them though don’t burn ’em..!

Assemble the Burgs and enjoy..!