Zenfit Tip of the Day

Zenfit Tip Of the Day

Simplify your shake:

Here is our Zenfit TOD (tip of the day) Do you use protein shakes? Blend greens or Margaritas? 😉 ..But hate cleaning the blender. You’ll love this: simply take a mason jar and load it with your favorite concoction and screw the blender base on it flip it, place it on the blender and PUREE! your drink is ready.. drink it out of the jar.. who needs a Magic Bullit !


Wizzz it up and drink it right out of the jar !

Crazy Week

Time to Refocus

With all the Halloween festivities going on our weekly schedule took a hit. Not to worry lets refocus and be consistantly persistant. Finish the week with our Saturday Basic Training session guaranteed to challenge and make you feel great after Thursday’s sugar binge 😉

Do you beat your self up when you feel that you have slipped with your eating program..? Check out this link from Mark’s Daily Apple and feel better about your ups and downs!

Its all part of the journey,
Live life, be grateful for the things that challenge you.. Bart