Ron’s Story

I would like to introduce you to Ron Clark. Ron has been training with Zenfit for nine months now, and this is his story.

My Journey, by Ron Clark:

On Christmas 2011 my son Ryan and I started to plan a seven night eight day remote coastal hike on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Trip considerations for this experience were backpacking 50 to 60 pounds for six hours a day, river crossings, scaling slippery logs and rocks, muddy long jammed trails, walking soft sand beaches and climbing. My son Ryan is 37 years old, is in great shape, and lives in Fort Worth Texas. I’m healthy, but wasn’t in the physical shape to really enjoy this trip and avoid injury, so I knew I needed to do a little work to prepare for this experience.

 After Christmas Ryan sent me some links for local fitness clubs. I went through the list and started calling some, that same day Bart from Zenfit Inc. returned my call and we talked about Zenfit’s Group Training boot camp. What interested me were the variable scheduling, and the fact that I would be able to work at my own pace in a group setting. I started in February 2012 averaging two nights a week. I met some great people and lost 12 pounds without even trying. I made major gains in strength and flexibility, as well as meeting my goals of improved core strength and endurance. Bart changed the routine weekly, which kept my interest piqued as well as challenging me. My confidence surged and I felt that I was now ready for this trip.

 On September 14, 2012 the seaplane dropped us at the starting point, we hiked eight days through beautiful coastal British Columbia, we met the seaplane and returned home. This was a great trip, it included some hard work, cuts and bruises, wet boots, fantastic scenery, as well as history lessons, but he most gratifying experience, was quality lifetime memories with my son!

 Thank you Bart and Lynn for helping me achieve the fitness necessary for this adventure:

 Ron Clark.

 Note: I need to add to the story the fact that Ron is 63 years old and a true inspiration to all of us who are part of the Zenfit family. Thank you Ron for setting an example of what true health and wellness is all about.