Modern Wheat Perfect or Poison

Modern wheat a perfect chronic poison:

I just read this article on grain on the CBS news website and it’s no surprise to me, so I thought I would share..

Personally the most effective change I have made in my health and wellness journey is cutting all grains and sugar from my diet. (With the exception of vegetables primarily grown above the ground, and some berries).  I have also increased my fat intake, “WHAT?” animal fats from grass feed beef and free range chicken , eggs, wild fish and healthy fats from nuts like Macadamia, Almond and Brazil nuts. My energy levels have increased and stabilized. Joint mobility and function has increased and my sense of wellbeing is through the roof.

I can only speak of what experiences I have had so read the article and judge for yourself after all, we all own our personal wellness and fitness journey.

My personal top five life altering tips:


  • 1) Hydrate .55 oz. / lb. of bodyweight of clean water a day.
  • 2) Eat “primal” natural, local, and close to the earth.
  • 3) Slow Cardio, Eg. Walk your way to fat loss; don’t fall into a chronic aerobic spiral. Less is more.
  • 4) Resistance and circuit train..! Bodyweight, group training, free weights, kettlebell and more.. add stretching or yoga and sprinting sessions occasionally.
  • 5) Rest, make the effort to maintain proper sleep patterns, it’s not easy to do in this day and age, but if you cut out late night digital entertainment dim the lights in the house around 8:00 PM, it’s a great start..!


Coming soon! Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner?