Awareness leads to Results

Awareness the Key to Results by Bart Wagar

In fitness, health and wellness, one of our main objectives is to create the awareness our clients need to “own” their fitness journey. Awareness is an agent of clarity, the key to direction. When we become aware of a challenge we must use awareness as a compass to guide us through the moment’s purpose.  This gives us the power to maintain focus and motivate us in taking that first step on the journey toward our objective.

An awareness cycle is a great tool to aid us in assessing our progress and reevaluating our goals. As needs change, and challenges are met we sometimes lose our way or get off track. The application of this process helps guide us and can be applied to any challenge in life. First we become aware of a need, and then consider the possibilities; we then make a choice, the necessary plans, and take action. We then review the results, increase awareness and adjust our plan, creating further growth.

 Awareness (need and/or goal) à Possibilities (options) à Choice (direction) à Plans à Actionà    Results à Review à is or was the experience a success ? back to awareness, adjusting, and repeating the cycle moving or on to the next experience.

We can also break this down into two very human traits, being and doing. Awareness and possibilities would fall into the being category, choice, plans and action would be doing. The increased awareness at this point brings us to a non-dual realization creating a living synchronicity, bringing a quiet confidence and patience in the journey toward our goal or vision.

As we put it all together and we become aware we must exercise caution. In reviewing our progress mindfully we cannot attach our “identity” to this awareness. We must be the witness to the journey, becoming the captain of the ship. When we attach our identity to a goal it becomes “us”. The need to achieve then becomes personal, taking us away from our initial purpose. This is where the quick fix may rear its ugly head; we look for ways to cut corners. Fad diets, over training, and unhealthy competition may creep into our practice undermining our progress.

In fitness there are many wearing the banner of health and wellness, remember that quick fixes may show short term results but break just as quickly. The awareness cycle gives us a tool to protect us from the “ego”, ours and others.  Apply this strategy to any need or goal that comes to mind and move forward at a pace that is healthy and sustainable.

 I would recommend writing this cycle out. Use the different stages of the cycle as headings to build a plan as a first step toward a goal, be detailed and truthful. The act of writing it down will take it from a thought or dream and bring it into a physical reality.

When you make it real there is no stopping you! You own it!

Bart is the President and Founder of Zenfit Inc.


Spring Session Updates

Spring Session Updates

We  are coming into a transition period! As the warm weather approaches and we prepare for our spring and summer programs I wanted to confirm the scheduled classes for this transition.

Zenfit’s ZenFlex Session

Held on Saturdays currently at the Blackstock Recreation Center 10:00 a.m start-up. Focuses on functional strength and form using various bodyweight exercises. We also add in some amazing fitness tools to enhance the experience.

Zenfit’s GPT Boot Camp

GPT is (Group Personal Training) Held on Mondays currently at the Cartwright Central public School 6:30 p.m. start-up. This is our full on Boot Camp experience using all the tools available to us. TRX, Lebert Equalizers, Sandbag, Battle rope, Bosu, Vipr, Kettle Bell, Agility Training tools and much more..!

Zenfit’s Power Fusion

Held on Thursdays at the Blackstock Recreation Center 7:00 p.m. start-up. This is our flow class fusing bodyweight and fitball resistance with yoga, PT and tactical fitness movements.

We also have a power walk social on Sundays meeting at the Blackstock Recreation Center or Long Sault Conservation area at 12:00 noon. We do a 5 or 10km walk adding in some lunges, squats, etc. as our inspiration guides us 🙂