Whole Grains VS. Whole Wheat

Hi Everyone, I thought I would share this article from CPTN. Some great information here on what can be a very confusing issue when it comes to choosing foods wisely.

NUTRITION: Whole grains vs. whole wheat: do we know the difference?

Whole grains and whole grain foods are composed of all three edible layers of the grain seed or kernel – the bran, the endosperm and the germ – each of which contain valuable nutrients that play an important role in the diet. In Canada, up to 5% of the kernel can be removed to help reduce the possibility of the product turning rancid and to prolong the shelf life of whole wheat flour. The removed portion contains much of the germ and some of the bran, and therefore can no longer be considered whole grain. As sold in Canada, whole wheat flour may have much of the germ removed. Therefore, 100% whole wheat bread may not be “whole grain”, although, it remains a nutritious alternative that provides dietary fibre not found in white bread.1 Reading the ingredient list on the food label will determine whether or not a product is whole grain. Whole grain foods contain the words ‘whole’ or ‘whole grain’. In the case of wheat, look for the words ‘whole grain whole wheat flour.’2

Also, it is important to look for products that contain the orange, bilingual WHOLE-GRAIN stamp, which makes it easier for Canadian shoppers to identify products containing significant amounts of whole grain (more than 8 g per serving). The first products with these stamps appeared on grocery shelves in March 2008.3
Products made only with whole grain – and no other ingredients whatsoever – can add a banner saying “100%” to the basic Stamp. In Canada, this means that a bag of brown rice, or a sack of whole grain flour, or a box of oatmeal can use the 100% Stamp, as long as these products have not added non-whole-grain ingredients.3

In the absence of similar Canadian data, I discovered that the average American consumes 20 pounds of pasta noodles each year — most of which is the refined white stuff. Standard pastas are made with refined wheat flour, but there are plenty of more nutritious pasta options, such as 100% whole grain pasta. Besides the advantage of containing all three parts of the grain, this type of pasta contains extra fibre and is therefore more filling. It is best, however, not to overcook to avoid a gummy or mushy result.4

Bottom line. It is key not to be fooled by products that are labelled “whole wheat.” Delving deeper into the ingredients will determine if the product is indeed whole grain or is simply a well-marketed “refined” item.

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Marketing Is The Key To Success

Knowing The Rules.

I was in a seminar yesterday at Essential Communications, the speaker of the day was Donna Messer of ConnectUs. The topic of diversity came up raising the concept that a simple hand shake can possibly make or break a potential connection. Not all cultures accept the concept of shaking hands as acceptable, so this was my suggestion.

As you approach someone at a networking event, instead of mindlessly offering your hand, pause and turn your hand out but keep the palm of your hand facing toward your body. If they don’t offer their hand, read the signs, raise your hand up to your heart, and introduce yourself! Hi I’m (you) and smile! Everyone’s honor and dignity stays intact and a great connection will be made.

Enjoy your next networking event!

Bart Wagar

Boomer Fitness is a Lifestyle

Boomer Fitness

Being Fit and Active

Quality of life, being fit and active, is definitely a prioity of all the boomers that have entered our Bootcamp’s and Yoga fitness classes.

My own experience, and the feed back I am getting from the people I share my life with, teaches me that we as boomers are still intent on living life to the fullest. The problem we have, is our minds seem to be wired in a way that makes it hard for us treat an aging body with the respect it requires. Creating the mind, body connection is the most important concept in facilitating the healthy active lifestyle we as boomers crave. 

The biggest hurdle I see and have experienced is what I call the *weekend warrior syndrome*, we have all been there at some point in our lives. The couch calls us during the week because we are overworked or stressed and we lie there longing for the weekend to get out and do something active. The weekend comes, we hit the ice, go for a hike, or snowboard and we end up paying for it for the next 3 days..! You’ve been there, I know you have.

The point is we don’t have to experience this, we have so many alternatives in this day and age. We have fitness strategies that fit all lifestyles and physical challenges. Personal programs, Boot camps, Yoga or stretch and strengthen programs, our imagination is the only limit to fitness activity.  The main element of a great fitness program is that it has to be FUN, that’s the only way a program can be sustainable. We have to  be honest with ourselves, knowing our body and choosing the training methods that fit our needs and capabilities is important. Choosing a program that will allow you to work at your own pace and progress toward your S.M.A.R.T. goal is the key to staying injury free.

Bottom line is to do something active everyday, eat mindfully it’s 80% of your fitness success. Fill your life with fun activities, connect the mind to the body and lift the spirit.

Remember the most important element is … water!
Please share your thoughts and incite as we all learn from each other..!

Thanks, Bart Wagar

Yoga and Bootcamp Update

 Yoga Fitness and XTR Bootcamp

Our yoga fitness program is starting Thursday November 10th @ 7pm through to February 23rd we will be running our Yogafit class @ Blackstock Community Center. Each class will be a 1 1/2 hr. long dynamic fusion class combining traditional yoga, with a stretch and strength theme adding core training concepts. Increase flexibility, strengthen and lengthen. Set your own personal intention and take that step toward health and wellness. Come join in the fun..! Just bring your yoga mat, a towel and water..!

Our cross train bootcamp fitness program starts Monday November 14th @ 6:30pm, through to February 27th the indoor version of the Zenfit XTR Bootcamp will begin located @ the Cartwright Public School gym in Blackstock. Enjoy the full bootcamp experience, Challenge yourself and enjoy the results..! Water and towel are recommended. Indoor shoes with non-marking soles are required.

10 session passes may be purchased for $120.00 at registration. Passes may be used for our Yogafit and Bootcamp classes..! Drop-ins are also welcome at a cost of $15.00 / class..! Hope to see you there!

Serving: Oshawa, Whitby, Bommanvile, Port Perry and Blackstock, Durham Region.

All are welcome so come out and join us..!
For Info Contact Bart Wagar (905)436-5734 or
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